Alphabet Letters Activities – Makes Learning Fun

Thank you for coming back to Azy Reading Journey website. He is still using the magnetic letters, we have good days and bad days, but he is having fun. So, we are going to continue using more alphabet letters activities because they make learning fun, and are helping Azy to focus slightly better.

We are using the Little Champion Reader to help teach Azy to read, and we will continue using it. However, we are taking a break from it now. You can read more about that here.

Where We Started

Just a recap on where we started and where we are now. Azy will be four years old in January and he has been going to daycare for more than two years. So, we decided that now is a good time to start teaching him to read.

He got the reading program over a month ago, but we are still working on ways to make his reading journey interesting and fun. When we first started to teach him and he began to get restless, we ended the lesson.

We are aware that it will take some time for Azy to settle down and focus.

So, as we continue the daily teaching, we are still allowing him to take frequent breaks.Alphabet Letters Activities – Makes Learning Fun

He would focus on watching the reading program DVD for a while, then he would started looking away from the screen while still repeating the letters.

If that continued for a while, we would stop and start over the next day.

We eventually implemented some activities that we thought would help him settle down and focus, and even though there are still ups and downs, they seem to be working.

Still Seeing Progress

When Azy started using the reading program, we were not expecting to introduced any new materials so soon. However, when he continued to look away from the computer screen more frequently, we realized that he was losing interest.

We introduced the magnetic letters to see if it would help him focus, and so far, he is doing better with the alphabet letters activities than he was doing with the reading program.

When we started, Azy could say the letters of the alphabet, but he was unable to identified them.

Now that we are doing the magnetic alphabet letters activities, he has gotten better at matching the letters.

For example, he can now look at a letter on the worksheet, finds the corresponding letter on the table, then put it on the tray.

He is also still using the alphabet printable worksheet to trace the letters, and we plan to keep him doing this as it will help him to recognize the letters.

However, we still need to work on helping him to identify the letters. Azy is still in the playing mood, and we are still restarting the timer several times.

The Next Step

In addition to the worksheet, we are using a book with the alphabet and matching images. So, now he is also looking at the letters in the book and identifying the images.Alphabet Letters Activities – Makes Learning Fun

As I mentioned before in another article, we plan to put back Azy on the reading program when he is ready for another change.

However, if he is still not ready to settle down, we will continue using different kinds of alphabet letters activities.

Azy loves music and the Little Champion Reader is set to music, but it is slow. It is too early to say if that is contributing to his difficulty with focusing.

We have already purchased additional alphabet letters activities. We are also looking at some age appropriate LeapFrog educational DVDs and some more magnetic letter.

We are getting more magnetic letter because he enjoys using them, so having more will allows him to use them to spell the three letter words in the reading program workbook.

Our main goal right now is to help Azy settle down and focus, so we plan to have him switch from the learning program to alphabet letters activities.

He also has other materials including a wipe clean activity books that he can use repeatedly. We plan to introduce new materials slowly and to hold back on adding the LeapFrog DVDS until he is doing better at focusing.

However, if they will help him to focus better while using the computer, we will allow him to use them.

Once again, I thank you for taking the time to read about Azy’s reading journey.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think about the alphabet letters activities and what we doing…

Thanks for the visit.

More to come.

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2 thoughts on “Alphabet Letters Activities – Makes Learning Fun”

  1. Wow! Azy is doing great. Keeping their attention is key.

    I dont have children any longer, all grown up and no grandbabies yet. I am a big reader and so are my kids now. We read stories every night. Whether they could read or i did the reading. The magnetic letters are the best. Used them all the time

    Thanks for updating us on Azy’s progress

    • Thanks Rhonda,
      Keeping their attention is definitely key. If you can’t hold their attention, it will be hard to teach them.

      Looks like your kids have all grown up.



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