Does Alphabet Letters Games For Preschoolers Work – Yes They Do

Thank you for stopping by Azy Reading Journey website. I hope that you will learn something useful from this post.  Well, Azy is doing much better with letter recognition and identification. Does alphabet letters games for preschoolers Work – Yes They Do.

Azy loves the games that we are playing now, and he even wants to do his lesson more than one time per day. In addition, he also wants to do his lesson at night. Isn’t that wonderful? Yes it is. Does Alphabet Letters Games For Preschoolers Work – Yes They Do

The fact that Azy wants to do the lesson more than once per day and at nights, show us that he is having fun learning by playing the alphabet letters games.

He is also having fun learning colors. He knows where the materials are, so if he is ready to learn before it is time to teach him, he chooses the activity that he wants to do and he starts.

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When that happens, he is allowed to complete that activity and after that we would do the lesson that was planned. Or, we would do the activity again as the lesson for the day if he wants to do it again.

Azy Learns Better When He Is Having Fun

Based on our experience with teaching Azy, we found that alphabet letters games are creative ways to get kids interested in learning the alphabet. Azy loves variety, so we have to use various activities to teach him the alphabet and keep learning interesting and fum.

There are times when he will use the same material for a few days, and other times, he will not.

For example, the 2-1 Magnetic Matching Puzzle was his favorite learning toy for a long while, but now he does not use it as often as he did before.

You can read more about the 2-1 Magnetic Matching Puzzle here.

These are the educational toys and materials that we are using to play the alphabet letters games at this time:  
♦Magnetic and wooden letters
♦3D Wood alphabet letters puzzle board
♦LeapFrog Go-with-Me ABC Backpack/ Mr. Pencil
♦Foam letters and numbers
♦Double Sided Learning Board
♦Mickey Mouse ABC. 123 nesting & stacking blocks

Alphabet Games To Play With Preschoolers

At this time, the 3D Wood alphabet letters puzzle board is Azy’s favorite. He keeps going back for this one. When he uses it, he announces a letter, say what it is for (example, “A” is for apple), then he puts it in the correct slot.

Sometimes, he plays this game more than once, then he tells me to take a picture of the board. As Azy is placing the letters on the boards, we continue to work on colors. So, I will ask him to say the color of the letter that he has.

Azy is doing much better with the colors, but sometimes, he forgets yellow. He continues to improve and is more involved when we play the games. He has also been doing better in settling down and focusing.

The games that we are playing are definitely making it easier to help Azy with focusing, identifying and learning the letters. They are showing us that he learns more when he is having fun.

In the video below, you will see Azy having fun playing with the 3D Wood alphabet letters puzzle board, and of course, Mr. Pencil.

The puzzle board is all wood, the letters are wood and they are not magnetic. The letters are larger than the magnetic letters that we are using. You will see Azy putting the letter in the incorrect slot and dropping some of them. He is also saying what the color of the letter is.

Visit our Facebook page to see more videos of Azy having fun playing alphabet games and learning the letters and colors. You will also hear him counting.

 These Activities Teach Letter Recognition

When Azy is going to use Mr. Pencil to help him with the letters he says “I am going to tell Mr. Pencil.” So, sometimes, we are not sure if he is having difficulty with a letter, because he has no problem identifying the letter on the LeapFrog Go-with-Me ABC Backpack.

I am trying to find out from Azy, why he is using Mr. Pencil, since he is going to tell Mr. Pencil what the letter is instead of asking him what the letter is.

Whenever that happens, I tell Azy, that if he is telling Mr. Pencil what the letter is, that means he knows what it is. In addition, Azy will easily identify the same letter the first time he plays the game, but the second time around he uses Mr. Pencil.

Anyway, I will continue to have this conversation with Azy to see we can figure out why he continues to go to Mr. Pencil. On the hand, he loves to use Mr. Pencil, so maybe he just wants to include him in the alphabet games.

I wrote a review about the LeapFrog Go-with-Me ABC Backpack.
==> Go here to read more about it <==

Recently, Azy has started playing alphabet games with Foam letters and numbers, we used the Foam letters and numbers to make a mat, and then he would identify the magnetic letters and place each one on the corresponding letter on the foam mat.does-alphabet-letters-games-for-preschoolers-work-yes-they-do

We also use the foams to make cubes, and Azy calls them castle. Since Azy is the main builder of the foam mat, the letters and numbers are not in the correct order.

When he is playing the games with the foams, he is also learning the colors, and identifying each letter and saying what it is for. Once again, Mr. Pencil is included in this game.

Go to our Facebook page to see more videos of Azy having fun playing alphabet games and learning the letters and colors. You will also hear him counting.

Using Alphabet Games will Help Kids to Stay Focus

In the next post, I will continue to talk about the educational toys, activities and materials that we are using to play the alphabet letters games, and let you know how Azy is doing with them.

Overall, he is on the right track and continues to show improvement in learning. Hopefully, we can start using the Reading program early next year.

 I have said this in other posts, but feels that it is important to keep saying it. Using games to teach the letters of the alphabet will help kids with focusing problem.

We have seen how much they have helped Azy to settle down and start learning. Focusing issues was a big problem for AzyYou can read more about it here.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read about Azy’s reading journey.

I would love to hear from you. What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

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10 thoughts on “Does Alphabet Letters Games For Preschoolers Work – Yes They Do”

    • Thanks Glenn

      Glad to hear that your 4 years old son is learning to read. I hope that is going well.

      Yes, it can be very difficult to teach a child to read. In addition, it can also be very discouraging when you are doing your best, and they are not learning. However, since every child learns differently, you have to try various activities to find out which ones work best.

      I am glad that you found the article helpful. Thanks for reading about Azy’s reading journey.

  1. Jackie, I appreciate you being so open about your journey with Azy, and sharing your journey with your daughters in your About Me page. As a parent, I am always second guessing my methods to teach my son everything. I believe you and your husband did a great job of teaching your daughters and your are doing the same as a grandmother. God Bless and thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Glenn

      Yes, it was quite a journey with my daughters, but the joy of hearing them reading was very rewarding. I believe it will be more joyful when all of us hear Azy reading. We are all looking forward to that day.

      Based on my experience, I believe that using a reading program along with other materials will help to take the guessing out of teaching kids.

      Thank you for reading my About Me page. I am grateful that my husband was as willing as I was, it made teaching our daughters much easier.

      Now, teaching Azy is a family project and that makes it easier too.

      God Bless you too Glenn.

    • Hi Cherise

      Yes, I believe that fun learning works every time and especially for kids who are very active.
      They need activities that will keep them engaged.

      I can only image how much fun your daughters had with their backpacks.

      Thanks for offering to share my article with your niece.

  2. My niece is a slightly younger than Azy, but is beginning to learn about letters etc. The Mr Pencil relationship Azy has is also very cute. Any form of singing seems to stick really well in my niece’s head. I found that a good way to teach her to remember things. Thank you for the information.

    • Yw Bhavik

      Nice to hear that your niece is starting to learn. Yes, Azy loves to use Mr. Pencil.

      I believe that learning set to music does great with children, and makes learning more interesting and fun.

      Azy loves to sing, and does a lot of it when he is watching the LeagFrog DVDs LeagFrog DVDs LeagFrog DVDs. So, yes learning with music help kids to remember what they are learning.

  3. Hi Jackie,
    I love to see you working with your grandson. We, grandmothers, need to stick together, lol.
    Your suggestions to help teach the Alphabet and colours are great.
    My grandson has the same focusing issues. I know the attention span of a toddler is short, but it’s great to find toys that help keep their attention.
    Thanks for another great post,

    • Thanks Suzanne

      I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to help Azy. It would be nice if more grandmothers and grandfathers too, could help their grand child/ children learn to read.

      I hope that you have found some ways to help your grandson with his focusing issues.

      In my, blog, we put some activities in place to help Azy with his focusing problems. They helped a lot, and he is doing much better now.

      Yes, it is great that there are toys that can catch and hold their attention.

      Thank you for reading my post.


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