How Do You Teach Number Recognition To Preschoolers?

Hello, thank you for coming back to Azy Reading Journey website, where our goal is to make learning fun. I hope that things are going well with you. Have you heard or asked this question before, how do you teach number recognition to preschoolers?

A few months ago, my family members and I were asking that question.How Do You Teach Number Recognition To Preschoolers?

So, if you have been wondering how you can teach number recognition to preschoolers, you have come to the right place. I can say that there are many ways to teach number recognition to preschoolers.

However, based on our experience in teaching number recognition to Azy, we believe that playing games is the easiest and best way to do it.

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If you are looking for ideas, I hope the information you find here will help you.

Once you start teaching your preschoolers to recognize numbers, you will start getting more ideas on fun activities that you can use, and pretty soon you will see which activities are most helpful.

In this post I will be sharing some of the activities that we use to teach Azy to recognize numbers.

We always try to use activities that Azy enjoys, because if we are doing something that he does not like, he is very reluctant to participate.

Currently, we are working on some hands-on activities to test his knowledge on letters and numbers and he is having a great time. You can read more about that here.

We use the materials below to do activities to teach number recognition.
1. LeapFrog DVDS
2. Numbers Flash Cards and Magnetic Numbers

We love magnetic letters and numbers, so they are used in many of the lessons that we do with Azy, because we found that they can be used in all the activities, and they can also help to reinforce learning.

Activities To Teach Numbers

1.1. LeapFrog DVDS: We found that Leapfrog DVDs can help preschoolers to sit and focus for a while. In watching the DVDs, they also learn how to listen and follow instructions.

After allowing the child to watch the DVDs for a while, you can watch with them to check if they are learning anything from what they are watching.

That is what we did with Azy, and it worked in helping him with number recognition. When we sit with him to watch a DVD, we use magnetic number and try to follow along with what is on the screen.

Sometimes, you will have to pause to DVD during this time. If we saw that Azy was having difficulty keeping up with what was being taught. We continue to let him watch it alone for a while.

Don’t be too concerned if your preschooler does not start engaging and responding to the activities on the DVD when they first start watching it.

As they continue to watch, they will start engaging, and pretty soon you will hear them singing and repeating what they are hearing and seeing.

Occasionally, or as often as you like, you can sit with them and review the lesson on the DVD.

From experience, we found that you can use the Leapfrog DVDs before or as soon as you start teaching number recognition.

Allowing preschoolers to watch the DVDs before you start teaching them about numbers will give them a jump start in helping them to recognize the numbers.

You can read more about number recognition using Leapfrog DVDs here.

In the video below, we are doing a hands on activity using magnetic numbers and cups with number. You will see Azy helping his aunt to identify the numbers.

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2.2. Numbers Flash Cards and Magnetic Numbers: As mentioned above, we use magnetic letters and numbers in activities. We believe that they help to make teaching and learning easy and fun.

You can use them alone, or with other materials. As you continue to teach your preschoolers, you can ask them to pick up a specific number.How Do You Teach Number Recognition To Preschoolers?

Azy loves the activities with numbers flash cards and magnetic numbers.

The flash cards that we use have the digit as well the number of items to match the digit.

We help Azy to identify the number, then count the items. We also help him to count the items then identify the number.

After he finishes with the flash card, we help him to identify the magnetic number that is the same as the number on the flash card and place it on the card.

There are two sets of numbers flash cards in the box. On the other side of the flash card with the number of items, is the number and the letters that spells the number.

While the other card has the number on one side and the letters that spells the number on the other side. So, we use one flashcard to show the number of items, and the other to show the number.

In the meantime, Azy is still watching the Leapfrog DVDs, and doing so is helping him to do better in recognizing the numbers as we continue with the lessons.

Go to this Pinterest Board to see more activities that can help you to teach number recognition to preschoolers.

Numbers Flash Card | Can Teach Lower Case Letters

In addition to using the numbers flash cards to teach numbers, we also used them to teach lower case letters. You can read more about the activities with magnetic numbers and flash cards here.

In this post, I provided information on activities that you can use to teach number recognition to preschoolers?

In the next, post, I will continue to talk about other activities that we are using to help Azy with number recognition.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Azy’s reading journey. I hope you learned something from reading this post.

I would love to hear from you. What do you think?

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  1. I really enjoyed this article, and I find your advice helpful. I can see how Azy is learning in the video, and he was able to identify the number three with ease. I think that helping children to recognize numbers and letters in the early stages of their development is very important.

    Keep up the great work Jackie, Blessings in abundance.

    • Hi Mikhail, glad to hear that you enjoyed the article and it was helpful. Yes, Azy is doing well with identifying numbers.
      Like you, I think that it is important to help children to start teaching children at an early age.

      My family members and I will continue to do our best with teaching Azy. Thanks

      Blessings in abundance to you too.


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