Kids Focusing Problems – When Will They Disappear?

Welcome back to Azy Reading Journey website. In the last post, we were working on some activities to help Azy focus. Kids focusing problems can slow down the learning process.

We are working on implementing a reading schedule, a steady routine, a designated area, a distraction free atmosphere and a reading time frame.

We can see that trying to eliminate kids focusing problems will not be an easy task. This a big deal and is definitely going to take some time to implement. You can read more about that here.

Helping Azy Stay Focus

So far, we have the reading schedule, designated area and distraction free atmosphere in place. We planned on using a timer to set a 20 minutes reading time frame, and starting the lesson at 4 PM.

However, we fully aware that we will have to make adjustments as the needs arise, and hopefully, we will be on our way to helping Azy to settle down and focus. We are also talking to Azy and trying to explain what we are doing.

When the timer was introduced, it was quickly viewed as a toy and Azy wanted to play with

For a while, he was more interested in playing with the timer than doing the lesson. The 20 minutes was not long enough to start because Azy needed more time to settle down.

He kept looking away from the computer screen and laying on the chair. The DVD was stopped multiple times but we tried to keep him at the table so that he can get accustomed to staying in the designated area.

When it was time to use the flashcards, as usual, he wanted to go on the carpet. However, I showed him how he could put the cards on his lap and put them on the table after he looked at them.

That worked. So, there is progress here. After several breaks and restarting the timer, he completed the lesson.

What Did We Learn?

We learned that activities to help kids focus can be used to reduce kids focusing problems in a positive way but if they are not done properly, they can also work in a negative way.

To get positive results, we will need to move slowly and continue to communicate with Azy and explain what we are doing and how it will help him. If we try to rush through the process, he might get discouraged and stop responding to what we are saying.

Since Azy was able to sit in the designated area for the duration of the lesson, it shows that he will eventually learn that what he is doing at home is similar to what he does at daycare.

He spends time sitting at a table and learning with the other kids. So, maybe that is why he wants more than one person to sit with him when he is sitting at the table at home.

As we continue to focus on implementing the focus activities, I believe that in a few weeks, we will be seeing some positive results. I also believe that 4:PM is a good time to start the lesson.

This will give Azy enough time to take breaks and still completes the lesson. As for the timer, we will continue to use it and restart it as often as we have to so that he can get accustom to working with it.

We See Progress

I saw that cute toy at Walmart and I like the dancing toddler. Azy is doing better with using the materials to complete the lesson. At first, he was only using the DVD and flashcards, then he used the phonics book.

Now he is using the printable work sheet. He is now following the reading schedule, and that’s progress. It is slow progress but that is expected.

Considering that we actually started the reading process not so long ago, and we are just introducing activities to help him focus.Kids Focusing Problems – When Will They Disappear?

The next step will be to get him his personal table and chair. We already have a space for that.

Knowing Azy, he will need time to get familiar. We will have to allow him to put toys or something else on the table, and then remove them when it is time to do the lesson.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read about Azy’s reading journey.


Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts about what we are doing with reducing and eliminating kids focusing problems.

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More to come.

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2 thoughts on “Kids Focusing Problems – When Will They Disappear?”

  1. Thanks for the post, Jackie. I have only taught adults at the community college level, but it sounds like kids are a bigger challenge in terms of keeping them focused. You seem to have some good techniques though.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Yw John

      Yes, I believe that it is more challenging to keep kids focus.
      I have plans, and am still working on some techniques to see what will work.



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