Teaching Letter Recognition To Kids

LeapFrog Go-with-Me ABC Backpack – Fun Learning for Kids

Product: LeapFrog Go-with-Me ABC Backpack
$27.99 (retail)
Manufacturer Recommended Age: 36 months – 6 years
Package Dimensions:
2.8 x 12.6 x 9.6 inches
Item Weight:
2.54 pounds
My Rating:
4.7 out of 5

LeapFrog Go-With-Me ABC Backpack Overview

The LeapFrog Go-with-Me ABC Backpack is an Electronic Learning & Education Toy that helps to make learning the alphabet fun. My grandson, Azy, is using it to help him learn to recognize and identifies the letters of the alphabet. So far, he is having a great time learning letters, writing letters (at this time A B and C) and drawing with Mr. Pencil.

 Love At First Sight

When the LeapFrog Go-with-Me ABC Backpack was delivered Azy was still at daycare. So, it was placed on his Spiderman desk in his learning center. In trying to find ways to help him settle down and focused. We had implemented some activities including a designated area where he would sit while he was learning. Initially, he was sitting at the dining table, but he has now gotten his desk. So, we have named the area where he is now sitting, Azy learning center.

When Azy came home from daycare, we watched to see how long it would take for him to see the new addition to his learning journey. It did not take long because the desk had arrived two days prior so he was still getting familiar. When he saw it, he was all smiles and he started to get excited. We helped him opened it and, showed him the area where the activity buttons were and that was it. After that, he was pushing one button after another.

Pretty soon he got stuck on the song, “It’s a Parade,” and quickly joined in the parade. It did not take long for him to learn the song because he kept playing it over and over. It was hard not to sing along when we saw how much fun he was having. Then he started drawing all sort of images on the write and erase board. We could see that he was having fun just checking out the different activities on the LeapFrog Go-with-Me ABC Backpack.

Features on the LeapFrog Go-with-Me ABC Backpack

I think there are more than enough activities on this learning toy to keep kids engaged for a long time.
There are:
•26 interactive letter pieces
•Plastic backpack for storage
•LeapFrog character Mr. Pencil

Other Features:
On/Off/ Volume Control Switch– that turns the toy on and select the volume.
LCD screen- to display letters, letter stroke order and fun animations.
Activity Buttons- to select an activity.
Letters & Puzzle Spots- this feature allows kids to press the letter pieces into their puzzle spots to trigger fun audio (according to the pamphlet, it is easier to take out the letter pieces by pulling them from their tops).
Stylus, Writing Board & Eraser- the stylus is used to draw on the writing board and slide the eraser up and down to clear the board.
Backpack Straps- all the letter pieces are stored in the backpack, and the straps can be attached so that it can be carried just like a regular backpack. This makes the toy perfect for learning on the go.
Low Battery Indicator- when the batteries run low, the indicator icon will appear on the screen, flashes twice and the unit will power off. At that time, the batteries should be replaced.Teaching Letter Recognition To Kids

We do not take out the letter pieces and Azy does not yet know that they can come out. However, they can become loose and fall out if they are not inserted properly. So, when one falls out, we just put it back in place.

We let Azy push down (apply slight pressure) on the letter pieces and that is working. At this time, we don’t want to start removing the letters, and then he starts misplacing them. However, as he continues to use the toy, we might allow him to remove them.

Activities on the LeapFrog Go-with-Me ABC Backpack

There are seven different activities on the backpack:
1.  Letter Zoo: With the Letter Zoo, when a letter piece is pressed into its puzzle spot, kids will hear the letter name, letter sound and an animal that begins with that letter.
2.  Meet the Letters: With this game, kids will listen to the letter names, then try to find them.
3.  Mystery Word: Kids will listen to the letter sounds, then try to find the correct letters and fill in the blanks to the sound out mystery word.
4.  Uppercase Letters: Kids will follow the animations to learn how to write uppercase letters using the stylus and writing board.
5.  Lowercase Letters: Kids will follow the animations to learn how to write lowercase letters using the stylus and writing board.
6.  Letter Animals: Kids will follow the animations to learn how to turn letters into animals using the stylus and writing board.
7.  Music: Kids can press a letter piece into its puzzle spot to hear the Letter Parade song.

A Learning Backpack Full With Fun

If you have more than one kids, I think that will be better to buy more than one of the LeapFrog Go-with-Me ABC Backpack because they might have a hard time sharing this educational toy after they start to do the different activities. I think that this toy will keep kids focused and engaged longer than when they are playing with a regular toy that is not teaching them anything.

Pressing a letter and hearing the letter name, letter sound and animal name will help kids to recognize letters, and get them interested in pressing that letter again, or continue pressing other letters to learn more. Don’t be surprised if they want to take the backpack with them where ever they go.

Therefore, if they have to share it, that might make them very unhappy. So, that is why it might be better to buy more than one. Reviews also showed that some parents understood this well, because more than one stated that they bought one for each child. Just imagine those kids learning together and having fun doing so.

I think the LeapFrog Go-with-Me ABC Backpack will help kids learn the alphabet in a fun way. This educational toy seems like an excellent choice for playtime, because kids will be learning while they are playing. If they get tired of playing one activity, they can just choose another. I shared a short video of Azy using the toy. The video is a bit dark, but you will be able to see him.

The letters might be a little hard for little hands to take out, and kids might struggle at first to pull them out, but they should have less problem putting them back in. I do not think this should be seen as a problem because it will get easier for them to pull the letters out as they get older or when they figure out how to get them out.

The Downside

I could continue to go on and on about all the great features and activities on the LeapFrog Go-with-Me ABC Backpack. However, I think that there are some negatives as well. First, I think that the LCD screen is too small. It would have been nice if the screen was larger so that kids could more clearly see the letters when they are displayed on the screen.

When Azy is using the toy, sometimes, he has to ease up out his chair to get a better view of the letters, or he has to raise up the toy to see the screen. The toy might also be a little heavy for some kids. Since this is a sturdy product, the plastic is hard. I don’t have a problem with this, but since it is a backpack, I was expecting a different kind of material (something softer).

Some customers said their child had difficulty taking out and replacing the letter pieces, while others said the letter pieces are too loose.

What’s the Verdict?

Overall, I think the LeapFrog Go-with-Me ABC Backpack is a sturdy well-made educational toy. The quality is good and the price is reasonable. I also think that it can be a very good option for an age appropriate gift, and kids would prefer to get it instead of a regular toy that does not teach them anything. In addition, I think this is a great tool for kids to learn the alphabet and other fun activities. Learning can be on going, since kids can take it with them when they travelling short or long distances.Teaching Letter Recognition To Kids

I hope you found this review helpful, and that I have provided enough information to help you determine if the LeapFrog Go-with-Me ABC Backpack is a good educational toy to help teach your kids the alphabet. Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think. Are you familiar with this toy or knows any kids who are using it please share. Thank you for sharing.

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Author : Jackie

Hello, my name is Jackie. My family members and I are teaching my grandson Azy to read and I am writing about the challenges and the joy that comes from doing so. My goal is to write articles that will encourage and help parents and others who want to do the same for their kids or other children. Thanks for travelling along with us. Blessings, Jackie

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      Hi Jackie! I love what you are doing here, reading is so very important. Starting them at a young age is the best thing we can do for our children. Leapfrog has so many good choices. The Leapfrog go-with-me ABC backpack seems like a really great gift idea.

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        Thanks Tracy

        Yes, reading is very important, and I love to hear young kids reading. I agree that starting to teach them at a young age is best.

        You are correct, LeapFrog has many educational toys and other materials that can do well in teaching kids. I agree that “The Leapfrog go-with-me ABC backpack seems like a really great gift idea.”
        Thanks again.

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      This is a great way to encourage a child to learn their alphabet and how to print upper case and lower case letters. It is well explained in your review, the different options for the child to learn. Thanks for the information

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      Thanks for sharing this information. Great tool for toddlers to learn and just in time for Christmas.

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