Using Letter Recognition Games For Preschoolers – For Easy Learning

Welcome back to Azy Reading Journey website. We are still having a wonderful time with teaching and learning, and is still using letter recognition games for preschoolers – for easy learning.

Azy is moving ahead in learning more letters than we had planned to teach. In the last post, I informed that we were including the letters “M” to “R.”

However, Azy wants to go further, so we are now teaching him all the letters. He is still not able to recognize and identify all the letters yet, so we are adding some new letter recognition games for preschoolers to help with that.

You Can Teach Alphabets To Preschoolers In A Fun Way

One evening, instead of the using the 2-1 Magnetic Matching Puzzle to do his lesson, Azy chose to use his “A is for Apple (Board Book).” This book is “An interactive alphabet, with tracks to trace and flaps to flip!”

Since Azy is indicating that he wants to learn more letter than we are teaching him, we are moving ahead because it seems like he wants to move along faster, and we have no intention of holding him back.

See more here on when we first started teaching Azy.

The A is for Apple (Board Book)” was designed to engaged kids to learn the shape of the letters by running their finger along the large, grooved letters.Using Alphabet Recognition Games

The book is very sturdy and colorful, and has a lift-the-flaps on every page to further reinforced learning.

Each page has an upper- and lower-case letter and two pictures to show what each letter is for.

For example, the first page has “Aa” is for Apple. The picture for apple is shown on top of the flap, and when you lift the flap, you see “and ant,” with the picture of an ant.

This book offers fun learning, and will get kids guessing and wondering what is under the flaps. The book can also help to teach kids how to write the letters.

There are numbers and arrows on each upper-case letter showing hints on how to write the letter.

The lift-the-flaps on every page further reinforced learning the letters and what they are for. Azy had a lot of fun using this book, and he did well in recognizing and identifying most of the letters. You can see a short video below.

Learning Alphabet Recognition Games With Azy

Before Azy chose the “A is for Apple (Board Book)” I had planned to let him go back to using the magnetic letters and the Double-Sided Learning Board to see if these letter recognition games for preschoolers would be more effective now.

When we first played these games, Azy would only identify the letters and place them on the board or on a tray. This time around, we are expecting him to do more than that.Magnetic Letter Activities

We have not played these games for a while because Azy had been using the 2-1 Magnetic Matching Puzzle regularly to do his lesson.

When he is using the 2-1 Magnetic Matching Puzzle and he forgot a letter, he would use the LeapFrog Go-with-Me ABC Backpack to help him identify the letter.

See here for some of the educational toys that we are using to teach Azy the letters of the alphabet.

When Azy uses the 2-1 Magnetic Matching Puzzle, it helps him to more easily identify the letters and what they are for because the letter and a picture are on each puzzle piece.

Therefore, we want to test and strengthen his knowledge in recognizing and identifying the letters by having him choose a magnetic letter, say what the letter is, what the letter is for, then place the letter on the board.

Using Alphabet Recognition Games

Even though we did not get to play the games with the magnetic letters and the Double-Sided Learning Board on the day that I had planned, we played on another day. In the next post, I will let you know how Azy did.

I also have some other letter recognition games for preschoolers planned, and am looking forward to playing them with Azy. In addition, my family members and I are still working on finding new games to use to continue to increase his attention span.Using Alphabet Recognition Games

See here for more on How Using Games Increase Attention Span When Teaching Kids The Alphabet.

Azy has really come a far way, and if you have been following us on his reading journey, you would understand what I meant by saying that.

There was a time when he was very reluctant to do his lesson, because of different reasons. So, we decided find fun ways to teach him by doing everything alphabet to see it that would work.

Using various fun activities has been working very well in teaching Azy, and he is now enjoying learning.

You can see more here for fun ways to teach the alphabet.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Azy’s reading journey. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think about the letter recognition games for preschoolers that we are now using.

Do you think they are fun ways to teach the alphabet? Do you know of any games that we can use to help Azy with letter recognition? Please share.

Thanks for the visit.

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8 thoughts on “Using Letter Recognition Games For Preschoolers – For Easy Learning”

  1. We can learn in so many ways… I like the use of more of the senses by not only seeing the shape… the touching creates a memory bond that is much more than just visual… I would recommend your website for someone teaching a child in this age group
    The video would not play for me…

    • I agree with what you said Tim. There are many ways by which we can, and touching is very important, especially when we are learning certain subject.

      Thanks for trying to watch the video, sorry that it did not play for you. I will check it out. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Thank you, Jackie. I really find this way of teaching really interesting and it will make the process of learning much more enjoyable. My daughter is five and she always loved the books where you pass your finger on images. I would say that it is good not only to get there attention but also to learn the shapes of the letters. I’m not so fond of the magnetic letters, probably I’m not so good at making it fun. wish you the best. Good job.

    • Yw Andy

      Based on my experience in helping to teach my grandson, I have seen how using games make him more willing to learn. Glad to hear how your five years old daughter is learning.

      I agree that kids should learn the shapes of letters as well. We do activities with Azy that allows him to see the shape of letters.

      Using magnetic letters can encourage fun learning because you can do a lot with them, especially if you have multiple sets.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my post.


  3. The A is for Apple Board Book looks to be very helpful for learning!
    Practicing consistently is key for learning and it really sounds like Azy is learning quickly.
    I wish I had some of these games growing up so that I could have picked up letters and words quickly.
    All of these games seem fun and effective for learning. Focusing on keeping these games fun should help Azy want to learn more.
    Thanks for sharing how effective these games can be!

    • Thanks Jesse

      Yes, the A is for Apple Board Book is very helpful in teaching Azy. The flaps with additional pictures also add more fun to learning.

      I agree that consistency is key for learning. Yes, Azy is picking speed in learning now.
      Sorry you did not have these games to help you, but I am sure you did well with what you had.

      Yes, we are trying to keep the fun in the games, so that Azy will continue to want more.

  4. As a pre-school teacher, I always enjoyed setting up a sensory messy play area and every day I would change the learning objective. One day it might have been based on the alphabet, the next number recognition, after that matching etc. Most kids love exploring and getting messy. Its also good for their physical development too.

    • Sounds like those kids are having fun Catherine. The variety of activities will keep them busy and active, and yes it is “good for their physical development too” Thanks


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