Numbers Flash Cards Plus Magnetic Numbers – Equal Fun Learning For Preschoolers

Welcome back to Azy Reading Journey website, where our goal is to make learning fun. We are still having fun with teaching and learning. Did you know that using numbers flash cards plus magnetic numbers – equal fun learning for preschoolers.numbers-flash-cards-plus-magnetic-numbers-equal-fun-learning-for-preschoolers

We are still working on numbers and lower-case letters, so, Azy is learning three things at the same time. In a previous post, I said he preferred to do the activities with the numbers more that lower-case letters.

When it was time to work on the lower-case letters, he would reach for the upper-case letters.

After he was finished with the upper-case letters, he did not want to do anymore letter activity. So, we started thinking of activities that we could use to make learning the lower-case letters more appealing to him.

Numbers Flash Cards To The Rescue

These cards were purchased shortly after we started to teach Azy, but we forgot about them. However, a few weeks ago my niece was doing the numbers activity with Azy and she asked if we had flash cards. I told her I was not sure but I would check.

When I looked among some of the materials that we have, I found the flash cards. We had bought a pack of four, that includes Letters, Numbers Shapes and Colors.

Azy responded well to the activity that they did with the numbers flash cards and magnetic numbers.

Since then, we have been using the flash cards and he is having fun learning with them.

In the previous post, I mentioned that the numbers flash cards are helping Azy to learn the lower-case letters, because the spelling of the number was written in lower case letters.

You can read more about the numbers flash cards and other counting activities here. 

Numbers flash cards and magnetic numbers are used together. One side of the card has the number and the spelling of the number, while the other side has the number of items that is equal to the number.

Azy is asked to count the number of items on the card, then turn it over to identify the number.

In the video below, you will see Azy doing an activity with the numbers flash cards, magnetic numbers and the Mickey Mouse ABC. 123 nesting & stacking blocks.

You can go here to see more videos with Azy having fun with learning numbers.

Usually, we put the magnetic numbers on the Double-Sided Learning Board or a tray, and after Azy have identified the number on the card, we would ask him to choose the magnetic number that matches that number and put it on the card.

The Touch and Learn Activity Desk Is Back In The Game

 In a previous post, I talked about the Touch and Learn Activity Desk, and said it did most of the work for Azy, so we thought that it would be best to use it to test his knowledge.

However, as we continue to teach Azy, we are realizing that instead of telling him to recount the items on the flash cards repeatedly, or reminding him of what the number is, he could also use the Activity Desk.

The number pad on the Activity Desk that he can use to help him identify the numbers. When he is doing this activity, it will also help him to answer the questions that are being asked.

For example, he will be asked to touch the number to match the number of items on the screen or to touch the number that comes after four.

There is nothing wrong with asking Azy to recount the items on the flash cards, or reminding him what the number is.

However, our goal is to find an activity that will help him to recognize and identify the number by himself, and we think that the Touch and Learn Activity Desk might do well in helping him at this time.

He will be using the Activity Desk to help him identify the numbers the same way he used Mr. Pencil to help him identified the letters.

You can read more about the Touch and Learn Activity Desk here. 

Learning Lower Case Letters With Flash Cards

As we continue to do the activities with the numbers flash cards, we spend time working on lower case letters, by asking Azy to identify the letters on the cards.

This is also helping him to learn to spell the number, even though we are not focusing on that at this time. However, it will be useful when we are ready to do that activity.

We are also still doing the activity with the upper-case letters, and asking Azy to put the matching lower-case letter on top of the upper-case letter.

Since we have been using the flash cards, he is more willing to do the activities with the lower-case letters. Recently, he has chosen to start using the Letters Flash cards, and I take that as an indication that he might be ready to learn more.Numbers Flash Cards Plus Magnetic Numbers – Equal Fun Learning For Preschoolers

Using the Letters Flash cards is also another way of helping Azy to learn the lower-case letters, because the spelling of the word for the picture on the cards is written in lower-case letters.

Therefore, we now have the opportunity to use several activities to help him learn lower-case letters.

When Azy is using the Numbers Flash cards and he hears the word “cat,” he refers to the Alphabet Train.

He also mentions the Alphabet Train when he is using the First Words Wooden Spelling Boards and he hears words like cat and hat.

The Alphabet Train Is In Motion

 When we first started teaching Azy, we were using the reading program, “Little Champion Reader,” and he heard those words when he was watching the DVD.

Sometimes, he is now asking to watch the DVD, and we are allowing him to watch it. So, we will see how far that will go.

I will talk more about the Alphabet Train in the next post.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read about Azy’s reading journey.

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Go here if you would like to see more videos of Azy having fun with learning the numbers and letters.

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  1. Learning is definitely fun reading your website! Congratulations, we love it. Flashcards and magnets, things to touch and compose are definitely the way to go!! Asking about it in the end is part of the fun and usually our kids respond with a smile and no effort. It is a game that they can manipulate and order as they please, in front of them.

    Thank you so much for your insights and precious advice.

    Keep sharing Azy’s story, we can’t wait to read more!

    • Thanks Janie, and thank you. Flashcards and magnets are great materials to teach kids in a fun way.
      Yes, asking questions is a good way to find out if kids are grasping what they are being taught.

      Thank you for reading my post.

      All the best.


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