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Hello friends, welcome back to Azy Reading Journey website. In the last post, I informed that my daughter bought The Little Champion Reader to help Azy learn to read. Now, we are working on some reading activities for kids to help Azy get ready.

The program was delivered and little Azy is in the process of getting familiar with the materials, he wanted to see everything that was in the Kit.

The information on the box gives a pretty good idea of the content before you open it, and you can see that it contains a lot of reading activities for kids.

Based on the Program Instruction Manual, The Little Champion Reader is a 3-in-1 Comprehensive Reading System and a 4-step Learning System for kids ages 3 months to 7 years.

The manual states the following “The reading skills your child acquires at this age will serve as an educational foundation that will last them a lifetime. Go here to read more about how important is it to help your child learn to read.

We want to help you achieve this goal, with the understanding that a parent is the child’s first and most influential teacher.”

I totally agree with that statement. I do not think that a parent will ever regret helping to teach their kids at home.

After so many years of helping to teach my kids to read, I am ready to do it again with my grandson.

The Hooked on Phonics program that we used had more materials than this program, but there is more than enough Reading Activities for Kids in this program.

So, I am expecting to get good results from Little Champion Reader. The box shows that the program received several awards including: Mom’s Best Winner, Parent Tested Parent Approved, Parent’s Choice Approved, Mom’s Choice Award, and Parenting Seal of Approval.

What’s In The Box?

  • A Program Instruction Manual
  • 9 Lesson DVDs, three for each level
  • 15 Sliding Flashcards, five for each level
  • 15 Phonics Books, five for each level
  • 3 Dry-Erase Blank cards with a Dry-erase Pen
  • Bonus CD with 150+Free Printable Worksheets and some extra flashcards.

Program Design

The program was designed to teach:

  • Alphabet and Vowel Phonics
  • High-frequency Sight Words and Phrases
  • Early Vocabulary Skills
  • Short Story Sentences

There is a suggested weekly schedule, to start at level 1. However, that can be modified as needed based on the child’s need. It takes just 20 minutes of active learning per day to help teach a child to read. The program manual also has the following information:

4-Step Learning System

In the 4-step learning system, a child will:

  1. Learn new words and phrases by watching a 5-minutes DVD lesson or the entire DVD.
  2.  Study the flashcards to help commit the words to memory
  3. Read books containing phonics elements in short story.
  4. Practice writing, spelling and comprehension skills by completing the worksheets.

Reading Methods

Little Champion Reader states that it teaches a child how to read by using three reading methods:

A-Phonics that helps the child decode new words phonetically, and teaches 80 short vowel words in level 1. 121 consonant blend words in level 2 and 125 long vowel words in level 3

B–Sight Words helps the child learn high-frequency words and phrases and teaches 200 sight words in level 1. 200 high frequency phrases in level 2 and 200 story sentences in level 3

C–Whole Languages that improves reading fluency and increases vocabulary and teaches 90 words in level 1. 45 phrases in level 2; 78 sentences in level 3 and includes nursery rhymes with keywords.

Reading Levels

Level 1 introduces over 350 new vocabulary words including 200+ high-frequency sight words. Those words are the building blocks for more complex phrases and forms the basis of early reading.reading-activities-for-kids-azy-is-getting-ready

Level 2 teaches over 140 new vocabulary words plus over 200 high-frequency phrases adapted from Timothy Rasinski’s (“The Fluent Reader”).

Learning these phrases helps develop reading fluency by bringing words together in key combinations, giving the young reader great reading confidence.

Level 3 includes more than 250 short sentences which further encourages the child to read longer passages as their comprehensive reading skills continues to develop.

Children will begin to completely understand what they are reading and its meaning, which ultimately leads to independent book reading.

Azy likes to use his Tablet or a phone when we are travelling. So, his grandfather bought a DVD player so that he can continue learning when we are traveling.

Azy loves it and is already using it. He goes to daycare and is accustomed to sitting and learning with other kids. So, I do not think he will have any problem sitting down to learn the program.

However, he will need some time to settle down as he familiarizes himself with it.

Azy said he likes the DVD, especially the alphabet train and he has already watched the level 1 lesson 1 DVD multiple times. He wants to take it to daycare, so he will also get the opportunity to use it while he travels to daycare and back.

It might take some time for him to sit and focus on the lessons but he is interacting with it, so that is a good sign. We are allowing him to move around with the DVD player but he will also be sitting in a designated area to use a computer.

It is too early to provide a definite feedback on the program However, based on what I have heard so far in the few days that he has been watching the DVD, it sounds like the program might work.reading-activities-for-kids-azy-is-getting-ready

It looks like he is off to a good start so far, and the program should prove useful in reinforcing what he is learning at daycare.

The goal now is to make a commitment to help teach him to read and stick to the suggested weekly viewing schedule that was provided in the instruction manual and hopefully, Azy should be reading in no time.

You can read more about the Little Champion Reader on their website. You will learn about “The 5 Reading Techniques for Reading Success”and much more.

There are some good reviews online about Little Champion Reader, and there are also some critical reviews. The program is already in use, and I am looking forward to writing a review about it.

Visit our Facebook page if you would like to see videos of how Azy is doing now.

Hopefully, I will be adding to the good reviews. If Azy is happy, we will be happy.

Thanks for the visit.

More to come.


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8 thoughts on “Reading Activities for Kids – Azy is Getting Ready”

  1. Hello Jackie! This brings back so many memories of teaching my own children how to read. These synthetic phonics programmes are the best! I really like how you are using Azy’s phone and tablet as a part of his learning! Awesome!

    I will be taking a look at the The Little Champion Reader, I think it might help my niece/

    Thank you!


    • Hi Claudia

      Thank you for reading my Post. I am glad to hear that you taught your children to read. This is not an easy thing to do. However, the end result is usually rewarding for both parent and child. It is always a joy to see how happy the kids are when they finally start to read.

      I believe that using a reading program makes it much easier. I also believe that if we follow the steps suggested by the program, it will work.

      I have to say it is not as easy to teach Azy as I thought it would be. So, we have to be using multiple materials to see what will work best with him.

      I am glad to hear that you will be looking at The Little Champion Reader. I believe it is a great program. I hope that your niece will love it.

      Take Care


  2. Azy is going to be an amazing reader! There are so many helpful programs and products out there now. Little Champion Reader is a cute name and sounds like a great help. Phonics and sight words are what makes the English language doable. I wish little Azy the best.

    • Thanks Cathy

      That is the goal, for Azy to be an amazing reader. I am looking forward to hearing him start reading.
      It is true that there are many helpful programs available now. Sometimes, it is hard to decide which one to choose. So, reading reviews is helpful.

      I believe the Little Champion Reader will help Azy, but we are taking a little detour at this time, to get him to settle down and focus. Yes, I believe the Phonics and sight words makes teaching kids easier.

      Take care.

  3. This sounds like a great learning program!
    There appears to be a lot of resources within this program and I particularly like the Sliding FlashCards.
    This should help them learn all kinds of words and help them learn quickly and efficiently.
    I like that there are 3 different reading levels so that as the child progresses they can continue to be challenged and learn more.
    Thanks for providing useful information on this program!

    • Thanks Jesse

      Yes, I believe the program will do well in teaching Azy to read. Yes, there is a lot of resources in the kit, that will help to keep kids learning.

      The reading levels will definitely help to show progress and encourage continuous reading.
      I am glad that you found the information useful. Thanks again.


  4. This looks like a fantastic way to get toddlers started in reading! Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll be passing this one on to friends and family for sure 🙂

    • Thanks Will and you are welcome.

      Yes, I believe these activities will help toddlers to have fun while they are learning.

      Thanks for offering to tell friends and family about this.



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