want more fun number games for preschoolers – add mega bloks and dinosaurs

Want More Fun Number Games For Preschoolers – Add Mega Bloks And Dinosaurs

Hi there, thank you for coming back to Azy Reading Journey website, where our goal is to make learning fun. Do you want more fun number games for preschoolers – add mega bloks and dinosaurs.

want more fun number games for preschoolers – add mega bloks and dinosaursAzy is really enjoying the games that we are playing with the building blocks, flash cards and magnetic numbers.

Azy loves dinosaurs and he got some when he celebrated his fourth birthday. So, the dinosaurs will be joining the counting parade. This new addition to the number games means more fun for Azy.

Like the building blocks, he loves to play with the few dinosaurs that he already had.

Therefore, with the additional 55 pieces (that include trees and stones), we will have more than enough dinosaurs to help teach him to count.

The dinosaurs that he got are in various sizes and colors, so counting them will help Azy to continue learning colors.

More On Activities To Teach Number Recognition

 In the last post, I listed the toys and materials that we were planning to use to help Azy with numbers and lower-case letters. You can see more about that in this blog.

I discussed the following:
♦2-1 Magnetic Matching Puzzle
♦Touch and Learn Activity Desk
♦Mega Bloks
♦Magnetic Letters and Numbers
♦ Double-Sided Learning Board or Tray
♦Flash Cards

You can read about them in this blog.

I will now discuss the others:
♦LeapFrog DVDs
♦Play Money
♦Mickey Mouse ABC. 123 nesting & stacking blocks

Additional Activities To Teach Number Recognition

 The ten pack DVD that we bought for Azy, includes two DVDs that teaches counting and number recognition. Azy loves to watch those DVDs.

We are trying to help him to use the flash cards that matches the number that is showing on the DVD as he watches it. This will give him the opportunity to count the number of items on the card while learning the number.

We will also be helping him to use the magnetic numbers to match each number as it appears on the DVD.

In the video below you will see Azy learning numbers while watching one of the LeapFrog DVD.

You can go our Facebook page to see more videos with Azy having fun with numbers.

Azy’s mother bought some play money for him, and we are planning to use those as well. We will help him to count the bills and coins, and he can learn to match them while we are doing that. During this time, we can also help him to identify the $1.00, $5.00 and $10.00 bills.

Since the Mickey Mouse ABC. 123 nesting & stacking blocks has letters, numbers and items to count, we will use them for counting and number recognition. We will also continue to use them to do the letters because they have both upper- and lower-case letters.

Azy Is Having Fun Learning Numbers

 Azy is having fun learning the numbers, and he loves to use the flash cards. He still prefers to do the numbers more than the letters. When it is time for him to do the lower-case letter, he still wants to do the upper-case letters. So, we have decided to let him use both.Want More Fun Number Games For Preschoolers – Add Mega Bloks And Dinosaurs

You can visit our Facebook page to see more videos with Azy having fun with numbers.

When I talked about the 2-1 Magnetic Matching Puzzle in the last post, I said that since the numbers were in word form there was not much fun in using it.

However, it is Azy’s favorite choice to do the letters. Therefore, instead of using it to test his knowledge, we will let him use it for upper- and lower-case letters.

I believe that is a good thing that he still wants to do the upper-case letters, because it is even better if he learns them together. So, when we do the letters, he will place the lower-case letters on top of the upper-case letters.

He is having fun doing it that way, so we will continue using the 2-1 Magnetic Matching Puzzle.

Azy also got additional toys, including a, vetch Drill & Learn Toolbox for his birthday. This toolbox can teach him Pretend Play, Fine Motor Skills, Colors and Sing-Along Songs. He can also use this toy to help him with number recognition and identification.

Will The Plan Work?

 Since we are always looking to find fun ways to teach Azy, we are also always making plans to try different activities to see which ones work best for him.

Therefore, we might not use all the toys and materials, or do the activities that are listed above. However, since we already have a plan, we can easily go from one activity to the next.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Azy’s reading journey. I would love to hear from you.

What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

Visit our Facebook page if you would like to see more videos with Azy having fun with learning numbers and counting.

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6 thoughts on “Want More Fun Number Games For Preschoolers – Add Mega Bloks And Dinosaurs”

  1. Great article, some good ideas, nice mixture of technology and good old fashioned learning, sounds like Azy is off to a great start

    All the best
    Take Care
    Stay secure


  2. Hey Jackie,

    Amazingly, nowadays, we have so many entertaining toys that aim to educate our kids! There are so many toys which really important to have in our homes to teach our kids different stuff such as reading, counting, and other things. Also, they are essential to improve their brain growth as well as their IQ!

    Even though I believe interacting with our kids is far more important than letting them play toys all day, having these toys is essential, and playing with our kids is so important as well, which will increase the love and the ability to learn! Having fun while learning is the key.

    Thank you for this post! I never knew there are toys and materials such as these you mentioned above LeapFrog DVDs,
    Play Money, Mickey Mouse ABC. 123 nesting & stacking blocks. However, I loved play money! It is a great way to learn different ways to count and all that about money! (Prepare them to be business owners) haha.

    • Hi Mohammad

      Yes, nowadays, there are many toys that can help educate kids, and help with their development in positive way.

      I agree that interacting with kids is far better than letting them play with toys, even if they are educational. However, I believe that it is better to play along with them when they are using the toys, because in doing so, you are still interacting with them and also building relationship, while helping them to learn. It’s a win win.

      I am glad to hear that the post made you aware of toys and materials that you never know about. We learn something new everyday. Yes, the play money is wonderful and we are looking to helping Azy learn more about them.

  3. Good Idea. Dinosaurs will definitely help to hold the child’s attention. Anything that makes learning fun is always a good thing.


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