Want Some Fun Ways To Teach Numbers – Use LeapFrog DVDS

Thank you for coming back to Azy Reading Journey website, where our goal is to make learning fun. We are still doing activities to help Azy learn numbers and lower-case letter, and we are finding some fun ways to teach numbers.

Azy is watching the LeapFrog DVDs a lot these days. So, we are using the magnetic numbers and flash cards to follow along.Want Some Fun Ways To Teach Numbers - Use LeapFrog DVDS

In the last post, I mentioned that Azy was talking about the Alphabet Train when he heard words such as “cat” and “hat.”

He is remembering the Alphabet Train because he saw those words when he was watching the DVD when we first started to teach him.

Those words are in Lesson 2 on the DVD, it teaches how to put the letters together to spell, “Short a.” So, he is learning words with “a” in the middle. There are also words such as “fan,” “bat,” and “nap.” Lesson 1 teaches upper-case and lower-case letters.

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When Azy watched the Alphabet Train DVD, he was very engaged, in singing and saying the letters and words. Hopefully, we can go back to using the Little Champion Reader after he has learned the numbers and lower-case letters

You can read more about the Alphabet Train here. 

In the Video below, you will see Azy watching the DVD, and hear how he is engaging.

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Materials We Are Using Now
♦♦ LeapFrog DVDs
♦♦Portable DVD Player
♦♦Flash Cards
♦♦Magnetic Letters and Numbers
♦♦Tray or Double-Sided Learning board to place the flash cards and alphabet magnets

Fun Activities We Are Doing

 Sometimes, when Azy is watching the LeapFrog DVD, we follow along, and he is asked to take up the magnetic number and flash card for the number that is showing on the screen. After he does that, we ask him to count the images on the card and say what the letters are.

We also ask him if the letters are upper-case or lower-case. Finally, we ask him what is the color of the letters.

Since Azy is doing better with the letters, we ask less questions when he is watching the DVDS with the alphabet.

There are times when we watch the DVDS with Azy without using other materials. When we do this, we just focus on what is on the screen and discuss what is going on. There are also times, when we allow him to watch it by himself if he wants to do that.

Azy loves to watch the LeapFrog DVDs. In a previous post, I said that in the morning he watches one on his way to the daycare. When we are going to pick him up, we take the DVD player and he watches it on his way home.

Sometimes we forget to take the DVD player when we go to pick him up, and he is not happy about that.

When Azy uses the letters flash cards, he says what the letter is for. For example, “Aa” is for apple, he says the letters that spells apple. After that, he puts the card in the tray or on the double-sided learning board, then he put both an upper-case and a lower-case letter on the cards.

Go here to see more about the flash cards and alphabet magnets on the double-sided learning board. 

Azy does very well with identifying the color, and is doing better in identifying the letters. However, sometimes, he needs to be reminded of the numbers and the letter case.

We pause the DVD at intervals to make sure he have enough time to do the activity for each number.

Additional Fun Activities

We do activities with flash cards only. With this activity, Azy identifies the number on the card, counts the images on the cards, say what the letter on the card is. He then says if the letters are upper-case or lower-case. Finally, he says what the color of the letters is. Apart from the counting, we also do the same activity with the letters flash cards.

Want Some Fun Ways To Teach Numbers - Use Leap Frog DVDS

We are trying to do a lot of repetitive activities, so that Azy can see the letters and numbers multiple times. These are simple activities, but we continue to do them because they are helping Azy to learn the numbers, letter, colors and counting.

We also do activities with magnetic numbers only. This is a simple one, in which Azy say the number and the color, then puts them in the correct order on the tray.

Azy knows the letters, and he is showing improvement with learning the numbers, so we will be doing the activities until he does not need any help to recognize and identify them.

 He still likes to do the activities with the upper-case letters, and we are still allowing him to do them and continue to put the lower-case letters on top of the corresponding upper-case letter.

When we use the tray or the double-sided learning board, the flash cards goes on first, and magnetic letters and numbers are placed on the corresponding card.

LeapFrog DVDs

Based on our experience with Azy watching the LeapFrog DVDs, we can say that they are very effective in helping kids to learn in a fun way. It does not take long for kids to start engaging in what they are seeing. Currently, Azy has nine DVDs that he can choose from to help him at this time.

In addition to learning letters and numbers, Azy is learning reading skills, word building and opposite words, just to name a few. A child can learn a lot just by watching the DVDs and following along. Watching the DVDs with a child, is even better, since you can pause it and discuss what is going on.

I came across an interesting article written by “Simply Kinder.” It talked about LeapFrog in the classroom and the different activities that can be done. You can read more about that here. 

 Thank you for taking the time to read about Azy’s reading journey.

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